How Does it Work?

Bail Bonds

The Process...

The eBONDS™ process begins with a Bail Bond Agent logging into the eBONDS portal, which is integrated into the jail’s JMS system, to create a bond application.

Once submitted, a Jailer reviews and certifies the bond application for book out.

Sheriff + monitor
Electronic Jail Booking

The inmate signs the bond electronically and can then be released. Copies of the secure, signed bond documents are immediately available for the inmate’s jail record and the bond agent.

The Ins and Outs of eBONDS

eBONDS process diagram

Some Facts About eBONDS

What it Is

eBONDS is owned by a 30-year independent and private public safety software company located in Tyler, Texas.

eBONDS is implemented based on local decisions by local officials, bondsmen, and jail administration.

eBONDS facilitates electronic bond transactions between the bondsmen and the jail.

eBONDS is a secure, CJIS-compliant solution that connects the jail and bondsmen in the bail bond process.

What it Is Not

eBONDS is not affiliated with any insurance company, government entity, or other software solution (such as AIA or Tyler Technologies).

eBONDS is not accessed on a state or national level. Only locally approved bondsmen have access.

eBONDS is not a replacement for any local bondsmen or other software (such as Simply Bail or Captira).

eBONDS is not dependent on the most easily compromised forms or communication (such as email, fax, or paper).