Genesis eBonds

Electronic Bail Bonds

Modernize Jail Operations | Improve Staff Allocation | Reduce Risk

Genesis eBonds is a secure, web based system that integrates relevant jail data into an automated bail bond application which simplifies the entire paperless bond process for jail personnel and bail bond agencies from beginning to end.

Jail operations have evolved. Why settle for an outdated bail bonds process?
Genesis eBonds provides the tools to help you operate at maximum efficiency. Let us help!

Sheriff/Jail Benefits

  • Jail efficiency improved
    • Reduced overhead
    • Personnel reallocation
    • Reduced jail overcrowding
  • Eliminates paper bonds process
  • Reduce time to bond
  • Able to integrate with any Jail RMS and court package
  • Bond Review Queue displays inmates eligible for bond
  • Instant connectivity anytime day or night
for Bail Bonds

Bond Agent Benefits

  • AIA connector
  • Login to view prospective clients = potential for significant added revenue
  • Automate bonds process
  • Manage inventory
  • Reduce staff and resources overhead
  • Eliminates need for inconvenient jail visits
  • 24/7 web-based tool — Work from anywhere
  • Reduce risk of errors

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Christi McDowell
Christi McDowell - Director of Sales, Genesis eBonds